Will the Supreme's Stop LGBT Couples in the Name of Love?

Big Decisions Coming Soon From The Supreme Court

The month of June is half over and the Supremes have yet to release their opinions on some of the most important cases they’ve heard this term.

The Court’s “decision days” are held each Monday, plus Thursday, June 18 — and they may announce an additional day if needed.

It’s more likely than not all opinions will be released by the end of June.

And they usually save the best (i.e. most important or controversial cases) for last.

That means we’ll probably be waiting another week or two before getting their decision on marriage equality and Obamacare – two issues that – if the Court rules against marriage and the Affordable Care Act – could have real and damaging outcomes for LGBT people and our families.

We’re keeping track of the Courts proceedings and will let you know their decisions as soon as they become available, here on the blog and also on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

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